Hello, there. Welcome back to Finding Wonderland! It’s the first month in review, wrap up thing of 2022. So, we’d best jump in. Like any day of the week, I’m so glad to have you drop by and if this is your first visit, hi. We continue our quest to publish new content every day, and we’ve been able to keep that rolling even in this new ’22 year. We hope we’re doing a good job publishing a variety of things so that we don’t have something the same every day. Instead of the usual monthly wrap up, I’ve been doing a two-month mingle of things, which leads to today’s January and February 2022 blogging rewind.


Here we are, bidding adieu to 2022’s first two months (!!!) – whaaat! Cannot believe this, but regardless, let’s do this thing. 2022 marches on.


1: Life. Like is true for so many, life is annoying, to say the least, lately. But I’m also a firm believer in not putting out there that “life sucks” or some variation in a generalized sense. I think the more we can avoid this, the better. Nothing changes by proclaiming this. But as 2022 begins, I hope you are all enjoying a fresh start to a New Year, and here’s a sincere hope for you and reminder: I hope you’re living and enjoying those who mean the most to you.

2: Music. I mentioned music last time around, but I’m giving it a shout out just because I have a new “on repeat” post up in the past month!

3: Social Media. I’ve talked about social media a lot. However, I did observe two situations in the last two months that makes me really sad. One is Christian readers saying a Christian market author isn’t Christian because she a: used to write secular fiction and b: because she wrote a book they say depicts a kind of abuse in a marriage. The second situation I observed is on a page that I had been feeling more at home in, and I did write about. Needless to say, nothing is improving in the social media world and its quite sad.

4: Videos. I’ve decided making and creating videos isn’t something I can make successful. I just don’t have the “it factor” to make a go of it, but since I have content planned for more about that, I’ll just say this for now.


(Blog posts that, while not necessarily the most popular, were fun to write)

1: [February] 10+ OF THE POPULAR & FUNNY VALENTINE’S DAY TV EPISODES | We love a good seasonal episode now and then.


2: [February] ‘AGATHA RAISIN: LOVE, LIES & LIQUOR,’ SERIES FOUR, EPISODE TWO IS HERE! | Acorn TV released the rest of their fourth series Agatha Raisin episodes and I’m here for it.

3: [January] FACES OF A ROMANCE ADAPTATION: THE ONE ABOUT ‘PRIDE & PREJUDICE’ | Celebrating Pride & Prejudice is always on my radar.

4: [January] FAVORITE COUPLES FROM 2021 CHRISTMAS ROMANCE MOVIES | Because we all love a good Hallmark Christmas movie romance.

5: [February] HOW SOCIAL MEDIA INSPIRES US TO FORGET TO BE KIND. | Thoughts on social media.

6: [January] THE INTERESTING 2022 BOOK TO SCREEN ADAPTATIONS YOU CAN SEE | Which are you curious to see?

7: [January] ‘THE MALLORCA FILES,’ SERIES ONE: A PRETTY DETECTIVE DRAMA | More Acorn TV goodness in this sort of Castle-esque show!

8: [February] ‘SHUT IN’: A HIGH INTENSITY BUT SLOWER PACE REDEMPTIVE THRILLER | Really good thriller that actually does symbolism quite well.

9: [February] SOME OF THE BEST SARA & GRISSOM ROMANTIC MOMENTS (OTP FAVORITES!) | Always here for a favorite TV show ship and their swoony moments.

10: [February] WHAT KIND OF ROMANTIC-COMEDY ARE YOU? A FUN QUIZ | We love a fun (hopefully) quiz.

11: [January] ‘THE WEDDING VEIL’: ONE STORY OF A THREE PART LOVE STORY | Everyone loves Lacey Chabert movies and so of course we had to review this first film in Hallmark’s franchise.

12: [January] ‘QUEENS OF MYSTERY,’ SERIES TWO: ACORN RETURNS TO THE COZY VILLAGE FOR MORE FUN! | Love(lovelove) a good Acorn TV mystery! This second series about three aunts and their niece is no different.

 THROWBACK FAVORITES | aka the section in which we take a peek at what I was writing about or posting this time last year.
Disney’s ‘Mulan’ Misses a Really Unique and Nostalgic Opportunity. A review of the 2020 live-action Disney film. All text © Rissi JC

 » Monthly Popular Posts / JANUARY AND FEBRUARY 2022 «

THE ROMANCE OF EDDIE AND JAMIE FROM BLUE BLOODS (OTP FAVORITES!). Chatting about some key moments between Eddie & Jamie OTP favorite couple! Text © Rissi JC

»Popular Posts the Week of February 24 – 28 «

»Finding Wonderland Book Videos | JANUARY AND FEBRUARY 2022 «

And that’s a wrap on yet another Finding Wonderland “wrap up.” Tell me, did you discover any AMAZING new books? Bloggers? Booktubers? Bookstagram accounts? I’d love to “meet” these new accounts and the people behind them; or are you a newbie in this world? What are you looking forward to coming in March or April? Books? Plans? New blog ideas? Expansion in your website? New job? New discoveries; blogs, new Instagram pages? Please introduce yourself! Tell me about your new finds, people, or the books you’ve read… or anything goes.

Thank you for visiting! Please, do come back soon.

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